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Would anyone happen to have any reitit/pedestal projects on github/gitlab? Beyond the reitit example code?

Steven Deobald19:12:44 is reitit (though I'm not sure it would qualify as "normal" anything since this is my first time with reitit and a return to clojure on my part after a 5 year hiatus)


Thanks. I was looking for something using reitit and pedestal together but this actually is a good project to read over as well. I’m fairly new to clojure so I’m just hunting for projects to skim over.

Steven Deobald20:12:24

Most welcome. You can maybe bookmark this, as I'm quite literally just getting back to active development today (pandemic travel back to my home country over the past couple months, naturally).

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In reitit-easy, :ignore-anchor-click does the opposite of what I expected… (constantly false) makes the browser handle all clicks, not reitit. :ignore-anchor-click sounds like “reitit should not handle the click” Am I using it incorrectly or is there a different interpretation of this name?