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Vincent Cantin05:12:56

Good morning !

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Hello! Today’s problem was pretty straightforward.. I am tied with the amount of problems I finished last year.. Not close to burning out.. I wonder if it is going easy on us this year?

Vincent Cantin05:12:26

I am awaiting the difficult problems like a surfer awaiting its wave.


You can pick one from the last year ^_^

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Vincent Cantin06:12:36

I will keep them for January.


Agree! #6 usually starts ramping way up.


why give us a difficult problem on the weekend when you can save it for a weekday…

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Vincent Cantin06:12:17

During the first 1 min 30, I was staring at a blank page, waiting for the page to load.


AoC really starts the first time you add

(set! *unchecked-math* :warn-on-boxed)
(set! *warn-on-reflection* true)
to a namespace

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Vincent Cantin06:12:33

I like @dos’s solution, which did not separate the input loading from the processing for the solution. It might be faster to type in that way.


This is the first year I'm (seriously) trying to do this. Does it usually get harder day by day?


(Today's puzzle was pretty easy, but if they're going to get difficult I might not have time to see it through.)


Problems have been surprisingly simple so far this year


Last year for me, was by far the most difficult of them all


That’s probably because we’re going to vacation 😃

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that or he’s lulling us into complacency just before dropping the hammer tomorrow


oh you got work Monday morning? Hope you remember A* search

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I skipped AoC last year because the year before I ended up spending sometimes multiple hours on a single solution. If it gets like that again I'm out, but a bit more challenging than today's would be nice too 🙂


I’ve done them since 2015, finished most but not all of them.. Except last year i bailed very early


Today's video:; I also talk a bit about the different ways that people solved yesterday's puzzle

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Many thanks to folks who dropped into the live chats or left comments!

Vincent Cantin07:12:42

Let me know if I leave too many comments during the streaming 😅 I have a hard time holding them while excited by the contest.


All good, it's nice to see some activity :)


they definitely get difficult and I was spending hours on problems routinely, but i’m not a fast solver


last year by like day 14 you had implemented a VM for a made up language, and then implemented pong using that language


I'm not a fast solver either, and also I'm doing them in Clojure, which I don't really know, so I'm extra slow.


i know the feeling… i’m trying to go back and do them in Go after I finish in Clojure, and it is … painful (i don’t know Go)


lots of typing


I've learnt a few neat functions from looking at you guys solution so far this year 🙂

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In case you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend being well versed in all these base functions, really helps to know what’s possible.

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I am doing 2015 in parallel 😕

Vincent Cantin06:12:24

split keyboard? 😉