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Ben Sless07:12:04

Anyone here uses CIDER with reveal? How did you set it up?

Ben Sless09:12:04

Thanks, I actually stumbled cross your guide already but things aren't that simple for me for two reasons: Most projects I work on still use lein Most projects I work in still use java8 iirc reveal doesn't work all that great on java8, no? I might want to use it conditionally. Any advice regarding lein? And any way to make emacs stop asking me to apply dir locals for every buffer I open under a dir?


For Leinigen, I assume its adding a dev-dependency section with the reveal library and version. Then create a .nrepl.edn file containing {:middleware [vlaaad.reveal.nrepl/middleware]}`` That is what I would try first. I will try find time to check today. Let me know if that works for you.

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To use Clojure CLI tools with your Leinigen projects, try adding a deps.edn file to the projects. I should contain the paths, eg. src and any dependencies. So long as the project doesnt rely on plugins or bespoke leiningen code it should work


Cant help you with Java, except to encourage the switch to openjdk 11. Java 8 is past its end of live, so using that commercially would not be an approach I would take. I would have thought reveal would work on Oracle Java 8 but I havent tested this. says that JavaFX should work on Java 8 but its outdated and crashes on MacOSX. It recommends Java 11


When Emacs loads a .dir-locals.el the prompt usually contains a ! option to accept permanently. Emacs then adds the contents of the .dir-locals.el to the custom-set-variables list in a sub-list called safe-local-variable-values

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Ben Sless10:12:49

> encourage the switch to openjdk 11 Working on it. We're not a small organization anymore 😞

Ben Sless11:12:43

Okay, looks like it works fine with Java 8, too, but when starting with cider-jack-in-clj a leiningen repl with .nrepl.edn in the project's root directory I still don't get the reveal repl

Ben Sless11:12:20

I have tried the following: create new project with lein add this profile section

   {:source-paths ["./dev"]
    :dependencies [[vlaaad/reveal "1.1.164"]]
    :plugins [[vlaaad/reveal "1.1.164"]]}}
add .nrepl.edn
{:middleware [vlaaad.reveal.nrepl/middleware]}
lein repl fails:
lein repl
Syntax error compiling var at (/tmp/form-init293057067636070961.clj:1:2808).
Unable to resolve var: vlaaad.reveal.nrepl/middleware in this context


Try running the REPL on the command line and using cider-connect. This will help identify if its the configuration CIDER injects when using Cider-jack-in (which cider connect does not do)


Oh, I guess you have to set vlaaad/reveal as the main namespace some how... or have a lein plugin that manages that (which I don't think exists)


Sorry, it has been a while since I used Leinigen..

Ben Sless15:12:47

Not your fault some of us are living in the past 😉