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What is the current state of synthetic events support in Reagent? I have a 2+ years old project with an ugly hack around the mui textfield. I have seen some efforts in the PRs of reagent and cljs mui wrapper, but I'm still not sure how did it end up. Could you please point me to some kind of actual docs/examples?


@achikin nowadays material-ui let’s you slip in your own input implementation to textfield as props. The best ‘solution’ is to provide reagents input component to textfield which means that all the hacks that are implemented in reagent to fix caret position etc. will be available also for mui textfield. Reagent repo has more info and example project

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@U6N4HSMFW do you know what has happened to Is anybody using that?


I don’t know the full history. I think this is some kind of a a related follow up and the conclusion is what I mentioned earlier.


I do this same sort of workaround for react-bootstrap input