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any of you emacs gurus know how I can set a default to have my vertical buffer split on the bottom be smaller by default? Like when I start a Cider repl I always end up making the repl buffer smaller. I've tried this in hopes it works like my other defaults but nothing: (add-to-list 'default-frame-alist '(top . 32))


You need something like (add-to-list 'special-display-buffer-names '("*cider-repl-foo-bar*" your-fn))


where *cider-repl-foo-bar* is the expected buffer name of the repl, and your-fn a fn that receives a buffer and sets a window to it (`(set-window-buffer (split-window-vertically x) buffer)`)


ahhh cool. I'll file that away as a possible solution. I think I want something more global and not just cider specific because I do the same when using the terminal and such too.


ah gotchu. In that case you want what I call a "fixed layout": N windows that don't ever are deleted. You set them up at Emacs startup, and later instruct different buffers to go to different windows. I've rolled my own fixed layout but there may be existing solutions


@U9J50BY4C you could also try Golden Ratio minor mode, this sizes the active window to be the largest and reduces split windows by the Fibonacci scale, effectively doing what you ask


I actually stumbled on Golden Ratio last night too in my search. I think I have to try it because it sounds like such an awesomely geeky approach to the problem!


it's pretty neat, but I don't think I like the fact it's constantly resizing the windows when I switch focus. And it doesn't let me resize anything when I do want to do it manually. I'm sticking with default behavior for now.


I was really just hoping that I could throw in a one liner 'default-frame-list for the top window to be 2/3rd the frame size or whatever. it's no biggy.


I will say though that the more I learn the configurability of emacs and the respective tools within it like cider, I just really appreciate how cool it is. It's probably as close to a lisp machine as I'm going to get. I try to avoid language and IDE wars but...c'mon, emacs is the way, people!

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