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@nha In fact there is. thheller has something in his set of shadow libraries that is much like that.


it’s all react underneath, so custom DOM elements are just a function/macro away


to be honest having used this a while I would no longer recommend it


or at least maintaining a project after 1+ years has the same issues I had with pure SCSS


still prefer it over writing actual SCSS but it is not the-one-true-solution I once thought it was


Oh. Interesting. I haven't used something like that in clj/cljs, but I have used react styled components, and was fairly happy with it. Although now that you say that it is true that generated names can be annoying.


Out of curiosity, do you mind sharing what you use now?


(one problem I had with these was generating css from react component styled and share them afterwards)


Reading the wiki, yours doesn't seem to suffer from the generated names issue though


oh I'm still using it


I guess my one main issue with this is: naming is hard!


every damn div/span/whatever has to be given a unique name


so if you want something that is 90% the same as another element but maybe just a different color or so


you either end up with inline styles (eek) or gotta come up with a new name


that gets rather tedious after a while and requires a lot of discipline


I'm considering trying something like tailwind css in a real project


Looks interesting yes


I’m currently using it. Works pretty well as a lot of css bloat comes from common styling that utilities can handle. But it doesn’t solve responsive design that well. Media queries are best when content breaks not arbitrary screen sizes. There is no solution for CSS Grid. Component styles aren’t the best as you still have to name them ones


started playing with it, agree with the first part and quite like it. It doesn’t play well with the dom shorthand in fulcro, so I am using {:className "a b c"} now.


don't like the classname mayhem very much but something like may help with that


although it brings back the entire naming issue

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Hi, thought I had an issue with the new dynamic routing, but I think I got it fixed, but I think a note in the doc, might be helpful. (or this might be a bug?) Based on my reading, I assumed default route being the first in the target vector, would result in that component being rendered automatically. I was getting an error about the sm for the router not being found, etc. It was only after I added an initial change-route to the started-callback, per the full example that everything started behaving


@eoliphant Yeah, could probably use a comment in the documentation. I don’t remember off the top of my head…It seems like it should probably default if possible, but it might be a limitation required by the generic composition (there is no easy way for a router to locally “know” it is root)


Ah, yes, the change route is what starts the internal state machines for the routers


so at the moment it is a required first action


possible that that could be moved to the lifecycle of the router component itself, which would make a “default route” work out of the box…at the moment the workaround is easy (and likely to be what you do anyway), so I consider it low priority


but docs should be changed


@thosmos @eoliphant how is incubator’s dynamic router working for you in general? Seem solid?


Solid in 70's voice I know you've been "separating concerns" but I think an out of the box url integration would be cool. I'm playing around with pulling out the segments automatically into reitit etc


Well, the segments are trivial to get with split, and there are numerous ways to integrate with history events…so I’d rather not do that part.

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Is fulcro on cljdoc?