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@gadfly361 hi there! i gave removing jQuery from re-pressed a try. there's a pull request, interested to know what you think


@arne-clojurians oh awesome, thanks for the PR, I will take a look tomorrow :)


@arne-clojurians I'm not quite sure how heavily re-pressed is used in the wild. Removing jQuery would cause a breaking change .. going from which to keyCode. Do you think we should just drop jQuery in the next re-pressed release and note to people they need to update their code? It seems fine to me .. but I'd love your opinion (and anyone else's). We can't really deprecate since that would prevent from removing jQuery as a dependency which is the point of the switch :man-shrugging:


from what i can tell there does not need to be any breaking change, because keyCode can still exposed as :which. Of course you could expose it as :keyCode or something like this.


because .keyCode w/ google closure behaves like .which for the jQuery events


@arne-clojurians Thanks for the feedback! I'll go with exposing it as :keyCode


alright, i updated the pr so that modifier keys are checked accordingly and :keyCode is exposed instead of :which


@arne-clojurians thank you for PR of my issue! As for me I like this library, but I don’t want to use jQuery in my application. I think it’s unnecessary dependency for react SPA in 2019 🙂 That’s why I didn’t use re-pressed.


@y.khmelevskii Thanks for the feedback! I am inclined to just have a breaking change with no deprecation notice and leave a note describing how to migrate then


How do you write <!doctype html> in Hiccup?