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not sure if that's something worth considering but the new $classifier syntax doesn't play nice with


Why? If there’s an issue, then please provide details or a ticket. I don’t get how it could affect jitpack


ok, will do that Monday morning


and something seems not to be quite right yet for our use case (TDEPS-50) as we're seeing java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: could not load FFI provider jnr.ffi.provider.jffi.Provider. Not sure yet if it's related to the uberjar or what because it works in development. Will dig deeper on monday.


That sounds like a native lib issue. There is a separate ticket to consider support around native libs - tools like lein do a bunch of extra stuff to make that work and I’m not sure yet if we need to take that on inside deps


@alexmiller oh sorry, please forget both things I've written above, it was entirely my fault: in our production build script I was explicitly requiring an old tools.deps version that didn't understand the $classifier syntax yet 🙈 Now that I've fixed that it's all working great 👌 Sorry again, thanks for your pointer and your great work. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!