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@tony.kay Thanks, I did include anti-forgery in the defaults, and do pass a token (it might be an incorrect one though), but it seems the error is related to not being able to load the externs. (only happens when I have 14.0-RC1 sente).


it's weird, as simply depending on 1.14.0-RC1 will make this an issue, but it doesn't look like anything namespace related changed compared to 1.13.0 which doesn't have this issue.


When I run through the fulcro-tutorial, and in "fulcro_tutorial.I_Exercise_on_Putting_It_Together" I got the server error: Sat Jan 05 02:36:31 EST 2019 [worker-1] ERROR - POST /api clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: Dynamically loaded function not found. You forgot to add a dependency to your classpath. {:sym bidi.bidi/match-route}


anybody know what is it?


looks I have to add bidi by myself. it's ok now

Björn Ebbinghaus14:01:15

@tony.kay I noticed that in your incubator.dynamic-routing the will-enter callback is not called for the initial route. I suppose it should be called?


Initial stuff happens via the started-callback…otherwise it is just “state”…so there is no “event” to say “will enter”. So, I’m leaning towards “you don’t get will enter” on startup, because the route is established as initial state…the route isn’t technically “changing”.


And, the only way to “automate” that on startup would be to tightly integrate it into Fulcro itself, which I do not plan to do. So, I think the solution is that you need to do initial actions in started-callback.

Björn Ebbinghaus22:01:02

But in the case of multiple routers the change from / to /settings/pane1 won't trigger an will-enter, because pane1 is the default route for the second router. This is somewhat confusing ...

Björn Ebbinghaus22:01:49

Or what happens, if you have route params? You can't load something initially, which you don't know about yet ..


In that case, make your initial route a “loading” screen, and then route to the thing you want to have behavior…something like that


The fact remains that you have to start the app, and in Fulcro it has to have a value (static) for initial state…what you do from there is up to you

Alex K20:01:34

Just wondering what people are using for popover-type things with Fulcro? I just tried react-popper, but couldn't get the ref stuff to work. It's a bit over my head at the moment.


semantic ui has popups and so many other useful things


but you should be able to use any react lib

Alex K20:01:11

Thanks. I've been trying not to pull in any full UI libraries, but might have to resort to doing so for this.


I understand the sentiment, initially I only pulled in the semantic UI CCS and implemented things myself in Fulcro. Then I realized it was a waste of time to reinvent the wheel for UI interactions


And shadow cljs makes it easy to pull in parts of a UI lib if I need to trim down the size


There is a PR in progress for the semantic ui wrappers that should make it only pull in the stuff you use.


If you use the react version directly AND shadow-cljs, then you can require just specific modules


I’ve tested that approach and it does keep build size smaller

Alex K21:01:13

I'll give that a go. Thanks guys.