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@blake.watsonwhat do you meant “still running”? is there a chance that it is doing something asynchronous?


@lee.justin.m I sort of assumed that spreadsheet-table starts and lock-fields starts right after, but I suppose lock-fields could be running first, followed by spreadsheet-table. I'm not doing anything asynchronous =deliberately=.


with things like track and reaction I assume that reagent unregisters/cleans-up references to these things when an owning component that uses them disappears?


is there a way to read inner atom values of a component through the repl just like global atoms ? Say i have (defn component [] (let [someatom r/atom nil] fn[](...)) is there a way to see what is in someatom through the repl


@eveko did you try putting a def inside the component to put the value of someatom into a var?