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Rachel Westmacott10:01:55

I enjoyed the Go-Jek talk at ClojureX last month. So I was amused to read Steve Yegge’s blog post about how Google can’t innovate and how he’s gone to work for a Go-Jek competitor called Grab (“Go-Jek and Grab are mortal enemies”)…. followed by news this morning that Google are investing in Go-Jek. I can’t help but wonder if these two things are related…


Steve Yegge once again moves against Clojure suspect


How so? I'm missing the reference from that article that @U08TUA46M posted


I am also missing the reference from the article sundarj posted to me 🙂


I mean maybe because hes using go-lang instead? was all i could see


a long time ago he said he thought clojure was a conservative language because of its immutability, by default


Wow, that's some strong click-bait right there: >5) Lisp will be in the top 10 most popular programming languages by 2010. Haha, no. I had high hopes for Clojure for a while, but they're fairly user-hostile, even if they think (and loudly assert) that they aren't. I think Racket's maybe the best thing going in Lisp-land these days. But even I don't use Lisp anymore, other than the occasional Emacs hacking. Score: 0.0


I see that response of his is from 2015. Maybe he spoke 3 years too early


He had a bunch of exchanges with rich on google groups and HN iirc. Not sure why people are so keen to hear what he has to say about their favourite language


People love gossip though 😉


Everyone's entitled to an opinion 🙂 It makes for a world where we try and improve things (hopefully)


oh what did he say?


didn’t like that post at all, but for non-language related reasons

Rachel Westmacott09:01:57

Would you care to elaborate?


The dubious 'tech-will-save-us-all' arguments, glossing over worker exploitation. Also the crass comparison of business competition to actual war/guerilla.


anybody know how I use what I've defined via clojure.spec's (s/def in compojure-api? I had a 'complex' data structure defined with Prismatic-Schema, and had compojure-api validating that fine. But decided to fiddle with clojure.spec and can't for the life of me work out what the magic syntax is to get compojure-api to use spec instead of Schema


bah, duh. read the docs, and all the docs you idiot _ Just needed to install spec-tools