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I just wrote up my experiences learning to use cljsrn this past week.


quick note on the native base theme stuff. I had the same problem and eventually I realized that ejecting the theme is an optional thing. After installing native base you dont need to do anything. Ejecting the theme is useful if you want to customize the native base components according to your specific needs


So far I havent even got to the point where I need that but it is certainly useful. I think that the message in the console misleads people to think that they MUST do it


I've been developing in RN for months, but this has a lot of good info I didn't know. Thanks @U3JJ35GUT


Thanks, my pleasure! I wrote this as a Wiki page, so I'll continue to update it as I learn more -- probably at a slower pace now.


@U0AU4CPTN Was that remark aimed at me? Yes, I'd like to contribute it, but want to give it a few more days to ripen first. I'm still wrestling the next round of newbie issues.


Sorry, yes it was


It’s very good to have a more newbie perspective on things :thumbsup: