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Since your already talking about using GraphQL and re-frame, I guess it's fine to promote my upcoming talk about using Kafka with GraphQL through the use of re-frame and Lacinia. It will be at GraphQL Summit. I'm also thinking about generating the server code, based on using the schemas used for Kafka, just like how Hasura uses the PostgreSQL schema's.


Quick Q, been away from clj/re-frame for a while but want to use it for a relatively simple app for a client. But what I would like to do is be able to send it to them as a single HTML file. Does anyone know of a tool for packing all CSS/images/JS what have you into one HTML file?


actually i guess this is nothing to do with cljs or re-frame really


Haven't used but should be enough


Hi, has anyone ever tried to combine somtehing like (javascript “window manager”) with re-frame?


@jlmr I haven't, but you can make it work using techniques like the ones described here: , maybe also combined with React.createPortal


Thanks for the tip! I will look into it