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This is a friendly reminder, that our friends at JUXT will host a free hands-on Crux workshop at the conference venue at 11:30. Doors open at 11:00. See also

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Just out of curiosity- what is the story behind the clojutre logo?


Also how soon will the presentation videos be available?


Videos will be online next week, we'll update the status to this Slack and Twitter

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Videos will be online next week, we'll update the status to this Slack and Twitter

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Teemu Kaukoranta10:09:08

@channel Nitor is donating 10 euros to Clojurists Together for every person who has contributed to Clojure open source this September. There's awesome prices too!

Teemu Kaukoranta10:09:06

Aw, looks like at channel is disabled

Teemu Kaukoranta11:09:18

Even though the kuksa are gone now, we still collect contributions for the 10e donations :)

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:09:14

@ikitommi are there tickets for the “slow” functions? Why don’t we just make them faster in Clojure? I know there’s one for merge already but if not the others would be happy to see them


Some, I'll collect after the conf. Also will collect the merge perf with different sizes as @U050ECB92 suggested on #clojure-dev.


I think some of them are different, they have different guarantees

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:09:23

Even so, might be interesting to explore whether some cases could be improved

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:09:24

To be clear, the core team likes fast things too :)

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I'm surprised by that fast-assoc implementation. I'm wondering what that is doing differently :thinking_face:

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:09:19

Probably a fan-out in RT.assoc - sometimes those can be reordered


I'm not sure what fan out is :) but RT takes an object and casts it unless it's nil. So maybe that?


This reminds me, if I remember correctly transient array maps transients are worthless (worse than persistent!) in most benchmarks but could made easily at least as good as persistent.


I was feeling negative about Clojure contribution process when I discovered this so I never got around to posting an issue 😐


Some people (@dotemacs @borkdude) asked about a nice cafe to work. At least La Torrefazione has good coffee and in Kamppi shopping centre they have an open wifi.

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Thank you, didn't think they you'd reply tonight :)


Coming your direction now.


me as well


Hi @U45J3R52L we just left for the airport


@dotemacs ok, thanks for letting me know. see you next time! 🙂


@dotemacs It was nice meeting with you today! Thanks for the company.


Thanks @borkdude :) the same here

Daniel Slutsky21:09:53

For those who are staying around till Sunday afternoon (or later): - Following an idea of @sakalli, some of us thought about meeting to have a REPL session together and record it. The idea is to experiment with this format, seeking a way for people to share their work habits with others. Also, it will be fun. If you're interested, please react with some smiley. :face_with_rolling_eyes: @sakalli @konrad.kuehne

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Daniel Slutsky21:09:08

- Also, some of us thought about hiking on Sunday afternoon. Anyone interested in that? Please react with a smiley 🙃 . @plexus @rakhim

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Thanks to the organizers for the great event and Gofore for the great afterparty 👏 🍺

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