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While testing a site under development on mobile devices, the aside from re-frame 10x is popping out covering a third of the page, but I can't hide it because I can't hit Ctrl-H on an iPhone. Is there a way to hide the display on mobile?


I guess comment it out in your code when you want to test on mobile ?


You mean comment it in deps.edn or project.clj and then deploy a new build to the testing instance? That of course I could do, but it seems very cumbersome.


The hack with <script>localStorage.setItem("","\"false\"")</script> works, but it would be nicer to not have to modify the app-shell just to hide the panel.


I've added the logic to set the localstorage value to false to the app initialization to be called only if goog.DEBUG is set. This is a nicer, now the code doesn't have to be modified between staging and production.


Glad you found a nicer way around it :)


How do i embeed a ReactJs component on my project?


One that is already made, in JSX


Do someone here knows about an open source bootstrap like webpage that uses a navbar + routing with the re-frame pattern?


I’m also interested in side panel menu, like those admin panels we can find on internet


In the article, the author says that he had to create his own way to load data for every view ( when you switch routes ) , and he asked himself if there wasn’t an official way of doing this


@trailcapital , in this case, i’m willing to make an application with URL routing


fortunatelly that link i posted haves an approach regarding this problem and it solves it using bidi