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Any emacs using re-framers have a neat way of listing events? I'm finding it increasingly difficult to keep track of them as my project grows.


I am usually doing this type of stuff from bash: $ grep -Pr -A 1 'reg-event-db|reg-event-fx' src/ | grep -Pv 'reg-event-db|reg-event-fx|~|--'


Thanks @U662GKS3F that helps. Had to tweak it to work with mac osx, grep doesn't understand the perl option:

egrep -r -A 1 'reg-event-db|reg-event-fx' src_front/anh_front/ | egrep  -v 'reg-event-db|reg-event-fx|~|--'


i have credentials to multiple services to manage in my app; some of them are used to verify access to routes, some are used to interact with external apis etc. how do i manage them? should i just put them in the app-db and have the different modules subscribe to them? i feel like that makes the app harder to test. any advice?


to be maybe a bit more clear: the problem is, all the fns interacting with them look like (get-image-uri :service creds); i don't want every component that needs to give a src to an image to have to know about the credentials. I feel like i could use subscriptions for that, but aren't subscriptions more for things that change often? or are they meant as a general lense into the app-db?