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fortunately I'm mostly using this project as a POC so if i end up having to pay a terrible toll for it it won't matter


re-frame-10x 0.3.3 is out now, the main change is that the -react16 branch now uses reagent 0.8.0:

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Also, code traces are limited to 50 traces, so that the user and browser isn't overwhelmed by too much tracing

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I have a quick question, been reading the docs: on how to use reg-sub-raw to create a sub that say issues a fetch to a server. I’m trying to figure out how one would make it ‘refresh’? I can see it if you’re say listening to something streaming like a websocket (or rethinkdb in the example). But let’s say we’re just doing gets GET’s. My component with the subscription needs to render calls the subscription which issues the GET. All good. But now, I say changed the filter on a grid, and need the sub to refetch. Is my having dispatched a new event and perhaps mucked with the db sufficient to cause it to re-eval?