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@shaun-mahood remember to use the to repl part too


@mikethompson I found it (must be good UI design because I wasn't looking), it's pretty great! Strangely looking forward to work on Monday (as if I won't be dragged away from my computer for a meeting or something) :)


It's bad form to store a DOM element ref in db since DOM elements are mutable, right?


is there a way to break an interceptor chain? return false from the :before function or something? this would be for something like you don't have permissions to see this view or somesuch...


@hoopes can't interceptors modify the context, which includes other interceptors? ctrl+f A context is a map with this structure: here:


clean out :queue? 🙂 i will try it out


@lgessler that would depend on your concrete usecase but with React, DOM elements are destroyed all the time


In this particular case, I know that the DOM element in question would persist for as long as I would be accessing that part of db, but this still feels like not the cleanest solution


The issue i'm having is that I need to share a callback ref with components that are fairly far away. I thought about maybe defining the ref atom at the lowest common ancestor component, but that seemed like it would clutter my code too much


I think it's ok, it's not exactly pretty but if you need it... 🙂

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