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at Dutch Clojure Days conference yesterday, heard some good things from attendees about parinfer, but none of them were using emacs. I see there is an implementation for emacs, what are opinions about it?

Wesley Matson14:04:11

I use parinfer, though I've started experimenting with its option to include the paredit hotkeys. It was much easier to start with parinfer than it would have been to learn paredit, clojure, and emacs all at the same time.


@ajs I started using it about two weeks ago. I don't know if it made me more productive, but my code got a bit cleaner. I suppose I produce a lot less errors


I think my config might be a bit botched though. While in indent-mode, I feel like pressing tab should automatically move the current line in between s-exp forms, but mine doesn't seem to work. Too many things going on with the tab key in my config.