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Hi re-frame’rs, any recommendation for drawing diagrams and doing animations in reframe?


Hi, i think this question better to ask in the reagent room


Sounds fair, thanks for the pointer @andre


guys, are there examples of client-side auth flow with re-frame?


Whats the norm for storing data in app-db when you have somewhat large texts (retrieved from a remote source), say multiple profile pages? Overwriting everything eliminates any potential for local caching, so I’m not sure I want to do that. I was thinking something like splitting up the URI path ‘/user/1234/general’ to a vector of keys [:user :1234 :general] which I can then use as a cursor in app-db, storing whatever text I need for the general section. I would then have a subscription taking the user id as argument. This allows for local caching, but would maybe be a bit involved as I would have to create an interceptor which would store a sequence of these access-events and “garbage collect” whenever this sequence goes above a limit. Good/bad idea?


Hi I'm quite new to re-com and am having trouble dynamically creating children from a filtered list, pulling multiple pieces of info from a tree and displaying them in my layout, are there any examples of doing something similar?


I have a for loop through a collection that is then mapping keys to values then trying to generate a component for each id


@wielderofmjolnir Your second solution makes more sense to me. Have you considered these “active” subscriptions: to store a being-used flag for garbage collection?


@lsenta Sry, I’m a bit new to re-frame. I was thinking I would use “active” subscriptions for the requests, yes. I’m not sure I understand where you suggest putting the being-used flag.


Do you mean flagging the reaction?


Or having a :being-used list in app-db?


Sorry I think I asked the other day but I didn't see a response. Have testing handlers and components for re-frame changed in the latest re-frame version?


@wielderofmjolnir Sorry I didn’t meant to confuse you, I only meant you can use the active subscription to maintain a flag (or last used timestamp for example), it’s a pretty recent feature.


Where your store the flag, I’d say it depends on how you want to structure your app


Ah, I see! Yeah, that's a great idea :) Thanks a lot for your help by the way! Appreciate it! :)


Hehe, I’ll be waiting to hear about your results 🙂


I’ll be working on this tomorrow, so I’ll let you know how it works out! 🙂