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@mccraigmccraig: that does look very nice!! Thanks!!


Wondering where we can put them for general consumption


the basic regsub, reaction and reghandler macros have no deps other than re-frame, so can go anywhere - wiki or repo... the trace-subs, trace-handlers, trace-views macros depend on both clairvoyant and re-frame-tracer too so that's more complicated


re-com day 2 question about a components model... I have a DatePicker at the top that will be used for all processing, unless an item's override checkbox next to another override Datepicker is checked, in which case the overridden date will be used for that specific item and not the default at the top. So the app initial state is the default date is populated as is the overridden ones with the default date and the override check box is unchecked. Once you override by selecting the checkbox the specific override datepicker is enabled. Select a different date than the default datepicker. The override date model is updated. Now for the question.. When the override checkbox is unchecked the override date should revert back to the default and when checked again it should revert back to the selected override date. Is there a way to point the override datepicker model to another place when checked and unchecked, besides managing these two override date states? What do you recommend?