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@symbit: I think it'll be easier to get help if you show us some minimal version of your code.


@escherize Thanks for your response. I got past this hurdle. I'm simply managing the backed up state, switching the override and the default dates back and forth when the checkbox changes. Pretty straight forward. Otherwise I'm really enjoying re-com! The layout API is working perfectly for me with no CSS.


@escherize: @mikethompson: My re-com project is finished and works great in Chrome, however my users are on IE 11 (11.0.9600.18204) and it only shows "ClojureScript has not been compiled!" message. ugh.


Is there something to be added for IE support? I've tried from the dev env and the uberjar prod env. Same thing.


@symbit: The re-com README is pretty clear about the need for you to be targeting a "modern browser"


BTW, the message "ClojureScript has not been compiled" won't be coming from re-com and I can't see how it will be caused by re-com. I suspect other factors.


re-com says it works reasonably well in IE11. The "ClojureScript has not been compiled" comes from the shim html file when the app.js can't be loaded.


Actually I just tested the page in IE11. It looks and works fine.


hmm, maybe some figwheel stuff in there. the message comes from the html ...


Yeah, so the issue is something to do with your build env.


sort of. It works fine from Chrome running out of either ring or the uberjar.


IE11 doesn't process/load the app.js file from re-frame from either ring or the uberjar.


That's certainly very odd. Never heard of that before. Can't even imagine how it could be the case.


In the IE11 debugger (new to me) It has an error in the else saying console is undefined on this line..