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Hi. Guys there is a tutorial for setting up the onyx cluster?


@a.espolov: we have a tutorial using our engraver tool, but we are probably not going to support engraver from here. The plan is to write up a kubernetes / Onyx tutorial. onyx-template has a tutorial which spins up a cluster with docker-compose (you will need to use the +docker +metrics options to get it). I’m not sure if that will fit your needs


and as I say, it will probably be abandoned


lucasbradstreet: thaks man)


no problem. Hopefully we will have a better story here soon


We have kafka and zookeeper already in production as separate services. Should we setup a separate Zookeeper service for Onyx or should it be ok to attach to the existing service?


@jeroenvandijk: It's ok to attach to your existing prod instances, with the usual disclaimer that things could go wrong. It's certainly possible that onyx could put some extra load on zookeeper, e.g. we did have a bug where peers got into an infinite loop and wrote a lot of log entries. We've got much better testing, such as jepsen now, so the risk is much lower, but if your prod services are mission critical it's worth considering.


@lucasbradstreet: OK cool, thanks for confirming