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@gregg: Thanks for the feed back. Good to know about using the :attr function. It s not a huge problem, its just while testing my app I often find myself reaching for the escape key to dismiss the pop-up. I may add it as an issue, just so its on the list of "nice to haves".


I have a weird thing. I’m following along with the directions for “Talking to Servers”. I’ve written my :process-response and :bad-response handlers but they’re getting bad copies of the database, #object[Object [object Object]]. It’s certainly correct in` :request-it` handler (a regular Clojure map). What could possibly be happening in between?


nvm…off by 1 err in the parentheses. I was returning the result of (GET…) instead of the db. grr.


Is it fair to label reframe as a Data, View, Event(DVE)? In comparison to MVC.


I feel Model and Controller imply a sort of object with methods while reframe is simpler than that


About the time re-frame came out, so did "The Elm Architecture" so I guess that qualifies as a possible acronym TEA. Later, created something called BEST - Behavior Tree Event State Later again, the cycle.js guys called it MVI - Model View Intent. Not sure if redux ever made a TLA. So, a few have had a crack at coming up with an new acronym but none have stuck. So far. But, yeah, isn't MVC.