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@katy disabledPackages is an exception. That's a key we don't wipe because of how atom works


if we wipe that key, atom tries to reload all disabled packages and if we set it directly after again, there is a high chance that the packages are still loading (=still have the flag 'disabled') so atom just skips them because it thinks they are already disabled


this resulted in a lot of weird side effects. Most notable that changes like "showTabBar" or "relativeLineNumbers" which depend on external packages don't reflect correctly. If you turn it off from .proton it would still be activated


maybe also ping @austincrft FYI 😛


ah another one - setting it won't work because we currently force activating all packages that are required by layers. Atom sometimes doesn't clean up disabledPackages after a package has been uninstalled so installing it again (by reactivating a layer for example) would install it, but not activate it because it is still inside disabledPackages.


hrrm I wanna integrate todo handling but all keybindings I want are taken


what would be really cool if we could allow users to rebind parts of the prefix tree. e.g. if nothing is set, git is under g but the user can just change it to H if he wants


ah a is still free. a for apps? simple_smile


pushed 0.7.0 with all the changes until now


not sure if it makes sense to put todo's under apps, I generally think of apps as being functionality not necessarily related to being a text editor (IE calculator functions, shell buffer, etc). Maybe under project or errors?


Just stumbled onto @dvcrn ’s blog on Proton - was looking to switch from Spacemacs to Atom. Looks really cool! Anything a newbie should know going in?


it's early in development, so don't expect it to have everything spacemacs does. I'm actually using both concurrently due to missing features.


if it does what you need it to though, it's a pleasure to use


nice - any bugs or weirdness like that, or mostly just feature incomplete?


there's some weirdness with reloading proton when you make config changes (as opposed to restarting atom)


haven't really had stability issues


but feature incomplete is the main thing


coo coo - thanks for the info!