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@malcolmsparks: is there a way to provide custom coercions for the request body?


My usecase is the following: - domain is expecting a year-month field with I represent by java.time.YearMonth (I thing java 8 took that from joda time) - the recommendation for datetimes in over http is to use the 2016-02-05T14:45:45+00:00 format or sub-varieties of that like 2016-02-05 - I would like the api layer to do this conversion for me, can this be done in yada config or will I have to write my own conversion layer and just expect strings?


It's been requestes by others


okay so for now I guess I need to do some processing of my own


Right now you can avoid using a body parameter and process it yourself. I'm not sure how Swagger presents complex schemas and you'd soon be at the limits of what ring-swagger can do.