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If you are new, I'd recommend starting with re-frame-template. Also, make sure you have looked at the reframe examples (in the repo) If you want to understand reagent, BE SURE to read the reagent specific docs in re-frame Wiki (see down the bottom): - My overall recommendations for those starting out in clojurescript is: - use reagent /reframe - use figwheel - use Cursive/IntelliJ - use cljs-devtools (for debugging) - perhaps use clairvoyant (for debugging) - use for logging - draw client/server inspiration from


@pupeno: just want to say thanks for your nice blog at carouselapps, I’m learning cljs and re-frame and it’s a great resource.


specifically the routing stuff and your really detailed ninjatools walkthrough


sooheon: glad to be of service simple_smile


 (fn [db [k]]
   (let [tweets   (rf/subscribe [:tweets])
         favstats (rf/subscribe [:favstats])]
     (reaction (set (map :id (select-tweets (vals @tweets) @favstats)))))))


having something like this I’d expect select-tweets only to be ran when either tweets or favstats subs change but it’s rerun even when they don’t — am I misunderstanding or is this unexpected?


used a form-1 component instead of form-2 lol