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Just used re-natal for the first time. Combing re-frame, react-natvie and figwheel ... almost feels like it's unfair! Such a great developing experience :)


@gadfly361: is re-natal Android friendly? Are you devving Osx?


I tried it out on Osx, but it says it supports android and im going to try that out this weekend


Great, I was thinking of doing the same 😄


I'm looking to try Clojure and ClojureScript for a side project. I have some experience with React but haven't written non-trivial code in ClojureScript before. Do I need to get competent with reagent before I dive into re-frame?


(My go-to stack for paid work is Ruby on the back end and React+Redux in ES6 on the front end, but I'm bored with Ruby, this side project really should be done in a functional language, and I'm very intrigued by the possibility of sharing code between the front end and the back end)


you will have to get competent with reagent as that's what you'll be writing if you use re-frame simple_smile


Luckily I don't think getting competent with reagent takes all that much.


Yep, groking the difference between reagent component types is the most of it.


Ok. I read that a week or so and understood it. So I guess I will follow the examples and then start working on my project