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Is there a way to use quil for drawing but not in a draw loop? I have a long (hours/days) running process and I'd like to draw something derived from the state periodically. I know I could break the long-running process into chunks and in do a chunk of work and make the drawing in the draw function, which would loop. But I'd rather not have to rework the long-running process. I'd like to just insert calls within it that cause drawing to happen... but I don't know how to use quil in this way. Is it possible?


@lspector It is possible to solve the problem, although the solution is a bit different from what you describe, but it requires much more explanations than is possible in this chat interface. Processing: A Programming Handbook for Visual Designers etc. has this covered.


@blueberry Thanks. I have that book and have just looked through it but don't see what you're referring to. Could you orient me to the relevant section?


I've been thinking that maybe the right approach would be to somehow start in parallel (with a send to an agent?) my long-running process and a quil sketch. The quil sketch could just loop doing nothing until the long-running process indicates that there's something to draw, by putting it in a global atom, and when that happens the quil sketch would draw it (and then resume looping doing nothing until this happens again). Does that seem like a reasonable approach, or is there something better?