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Hi, complete protorepl newb here, so sorry for asking if this seems obvious. In cider you can M-x cider-jack-in-clj&cljs and start two REPLs, one for clj and another for cljs . Can something like that be done for protorepl in Atom? If not, what do you do instead: - start two different REPLs, one for clj and another for cljs and then switch the connections between them? - which leads me to: can you have multiple REPL connections in a single Atom instance? Thanks


Found this issue on GitHub, that asks the same question:


I don't believe ProtoREPL supports multiple REPLs.


Ah, that’s a shame. Thanks @seancorfield


calva allows for one repl for clj and one for cljs. Just sayin’, @dotemacs 😄.


Thanks for that @pez. I was asking on behalf of a colleague who is into Atom. And I don’t want to push him towards Emacs, just trying to get him set up & comfortable. So I’ll suggest Calva to him 🙂 Thanks again


calva is sort of there for people who want to try the clj w/o also having to sip the cider. It is quite Cider-inspired at that, so if you outgrow Calva you should find yourself at home with Cider. But, enough of highjacking of this channel. Tell your colleague that he is welcome to #calva-dev for support.


No, one more thing. There is also #chlorine , @dotemacs

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