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Finally, it seems 🇺🇸 slowly but steadily catching up with Europe. Slowly adding more Clojure startups

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Hard to attribute but... “You can depend upon the Americans to do the right thing. But only after they have exhausted every other possibility.”


I think there are quite a few start-ups in the SF area that use Clojure, at least I'm aware of some. Seattle, Chicago, Raleigh, Atlanta... have seen job ads for those areas, as well as NYC, Indianapolis... more I'm sure 🙂


Yeah, @ag, I was going to say what @the2bears said. Quite a few Clojure startups all up and down the West Coast, but also anywhere there's a serious tech hub. It's just that America's huge so there are a lot of places that don't have enough tech density to surface startups running Clojure... it's a numbers game, depending on where you live.


I'm in the SF Bay Area so I've seen strong Clojure roots here for eight or nine years. We had multiple Clojure meetup groups active every month at one point and some of those meet more than once a month in different locations. Very active.


I’m just saying number of Clojure companies in the US and in Western Hemisphere in general is disproportionate to the economy, population, etc.


Disproportionate in what way? Clojure's a niche language (always will be). I think it's over-represented in the SF Bay Area. Possibly in RTP out East too.


London and Berlin seem to be over-represented too.


That company is based in a small town called Broussard Louisiana. Its very strange that there's a shop running datomic/clj/cljs but there it is 🙂


> over-represented in the SF Bay Area That’s normal though, no? Historically been that way with any kind of software tech


I’d even say: “although Clojure is a niche PL, there should be more of it in the Bay Area”. Historically it’s been the place where experimental and niche tech thrived.


True. And true.


Scala take-up was also massive here in the early days.


Handful of Clojure (and Haskell and Scala) companies in Boulder and Denver too


DC had, what I think was, one of the largest and most active Clojure communities in the earlier days


@mrevelle Good point -- yeah, I'd consider Boulder/Denver a tech hub, so that doesn't surprise me too much.


Charlottesville, VA has 2, or at least had 2 at one time. Now that's niche!


Austin had a decent clojure scene as well I think


i'd say it still does