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@romain thanks, that's really nice to hear :)


I bought it yesterday, couldn't resist dafuq Do you have any plan about integrant? It seems to me that you had planned to replace mount by integrant

Frank Henard17:06:35

+1 on the integrant question. I'm just generally curious about the where things are going with dependency state management libraries (mount, integrant, component)


@U050CBXUZ in the case you missed it 😊


Hi, I think Integrant is interesting, but personally I prefer mount. I find mount has two big advantages. First is that it leverages namespace hierarchy, so you don't have to manage state relationships by hand. Second is that it facilitates easily reloading things at runtime, e.g:

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For the book itself, it's based on Luminus, so everything uses mount since that's what Luminus uses


Just bought the 3rd edition beta. Realized there are things missing so far. Anyway to get 2nd edition too since its out of print on the primary site?