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Michael Fiano00:04:03

Is there any way to get syntax-aware columnar indenting? This is unacceptable:

(let [a 1
  b 2])

Michael Fiano00:04:14

After pressing Enter on the first line, I expect the cursor to be on the same column as a. Is this really not possible with Atom?

Michael Fiano01:04:59

I figured it out. Apparently you cannot disable the paredit keybindings even if you're not going to use them for the automatic idiomatic lisp indentation


@mfiano I have keybindings disabled for paredit but I have some of them manually re-enabled in my config.

Michael Fiano01:04:38

Yeah, ctrl-alt-i is required for automatic indentation which I find strange


ctl-alt-i is manual indentation -- I have 'enter': 'lisp-paredit:newline' for the auto-indent


If I write

(let [a 1
and then press enter my cursor is indented to the a, ready to type b 2:


You can't see the cursor in that screenshot 😞 but it is on line 13 between the [ and a on line 12.

Michael Fiano01:04:36

That makes more sense, ok. I don't have a custom keymap, just noted that indenation is broken with no lisp-paredit bindings. I was following a post that uses parinfer and so disables the paredit key bindings


Right, that's why I posted the link to my keymap -- there's some you can't live without 🙂