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Spent the day playing around with TensorFlow for JavaScript from ClojureScript instead of doing my taxes and wrote up some notes

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Fahd El Mazouni08:04:31

Thank you for taking the time to do this !


@juliobarros Thanks! I was waiting for this


@bpiel Thanks. Its interesting that the JS api is so complete. It will be fun to build things in the browser. Also interesting is that they announced Swift bindings which I interpret to mean as an experiment to try to possibly replace Python as the primary language (or something). Enjoyed the video of your talk on guildsman btw.

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@juliobarros very interesting - JavaScript would be a great target for ClojureScript/Node


I donโ€™t think it works on Node yet. I believe it currently uses web gl for gpu acceleration . But node and server side gpu support is in the works. As I understand it.