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@dave.dixon Yeah, I was going to make that observation about Boot but figured @matan might be using Leiningen and it was TMI. But if you're using Boot, it's definitely something to bear in mind! It's caught me out several times...


One thing I haven't yet tried to figure out is what it would look like to use ProtoREPL with a clj/`deps.edn` based project (I just switched over from Leiningen so it'll be something I'll need to figure out "soon").


When I paste multiline forms with parinfer, they keep getting reformatted, i.e. the paren nesting isn't preserved, but rather re-worked by parinfer. Is this fixable? I don't think this was happening with the most recent parinfer in cursive (and have no idea if the two parinfer's are sharing any code).


i had to turn “auto indent on paste” off in the language-clojure setting of atom


Hmmm, it was off.


Seems to only happen in Smart mode. Gets the nesting right in Paren mode, but trying to undo the paste leaves behind part of the form. Weird.


oh i haven’t messed with smart mode. parinfer is unstable and wonky enough as is 🙂


@dave.dixon It's a known bug in the version of Parinfer currently used in Atom. Cursive is using an updated version. Atom will be updated "soon". Check the #parinfer channel for updates on that.


@lee.justin.m Smart mode was the only way I found it tolerable - much better than tolerable.


@seancorfield Thanks, that's good news. I was afraid it was some sort of interaction between plugins.


I've been reporting glitches to Shaun LeBron as he's been working on the new version. Looks like v3 is pretty much nailed down now with only a couple of issues to flush out. I expect atom-parinfer will be updated shortly after that.


I think in the new version, there will only be one mode (smart).