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I noticed the BOOT_WATCHERS_DISABLE env var (and --disable-watchers option) -- I'm seeing a lot of FSEvent errors with our huge project so I figured disabling watchers would help... but what is the downside of disabling watchers? What Boot behavior is affected? (I see @alandipert mentioned in the thread around the PR that introduced this)


@seancorfield there is also a PR by @bhagany that I found out influences watch, I don't know if the behavior I saw affects also your big project, but it might be worth a try, it basically lazy watches


For now, setting BOOT_WATCHERS_DISABLE=yes in ~/.boot/ has stopped the huge wall of FSEvent errors I was seeing on macOS. I guess my my question/concern is: what functionality do the watchers enable? If you're just running one-off tasks and one-off builds, is there any downside to disabling watchers?


I definitely had this problem on a project with a lot of nested folders containing images in my repositories dir.. ended up moving them into another folder and adding them into target when doing builds using io. I opened an issue at the time but there hasn't been much movement.


I'm thinking I might set that on all of our servers where we run Boot tasks...


The option was added for CI


I think, unless you use the watch task, you'll be okay