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what are people's experiences of atom/proto-repl against vscode/clojureVSCode


Anybody using proto-repl with shadow-cljs? shadow-cljs doesn't write the nREPL port to .nrepl-port, but rather to a folder inside target (which I actually prefer over leaving droppings in my project folder). I can connect manually by opening that file and copy/pasting the port number, but it would be nice if it just auto-filled. I don't see a proto-repl setting to specify where to grab the port of a running nREPL process, wondering if anyone has a less manual solution.


@dave.dixon i was talking with @thheller about that very problem. we talked about maybe having shadow write to .nrepl-port if something else hadn’t already written there. he wants to make sure shadow plays nice with lein and lein really owns that file. i haven’t figured out a way to perma-set the port so i do it manually (also annoying that the box that pops up doesn’t let you tab)


I take it you haven't had any luck with this either:


@ben.mumford620 I played with vscode a bit this week. i’m sticking with atom for the moment because someone (perhaps @dave.dixon) convinced me to try out “smart mode” with parinfer and that’s not yet available on vscode


that works for me. the problem is configuring the protorepl side


actually the real problem is that it just doesn’t really work very well with cljs


Just got it to work. I usually connect with ctrl-alt-, y and manually enter the port number.


Would be nice if it were automatic, but now that I have it set to a static value at least I don't have to hunt down the file and copy/paste.


yea that’s certainly better. now, if i were more knowledgable I would help trying to get the cljs/protorepl connection working better but that’s for another day