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Very nice! Your instructions worked! 😄 REPL text isn't having the weird coloring issue, but yeah, exiting the REPL throws an error and still leaves Figwheel running for me:


@rgdelato: Yeah, I think that might be part of a more major problem - I can’t seem to load a file or change namespaces in the REPL. Best option right now to actually use it is probably nREPL unless we can figure out what’s going on with this. @jasongilman: Having no idea how proto REPL actually works, I kind of assumed that it used lein repl to run the commands and such. Is that accurate or am I totally off base?


@rgdelato: Actually, it seems like everything I was trying in the local version also gives me the same errors in the nrepl version, maybe I’m doing something dumb. Is there anything (besides the figwheel REPL commands) that isn’t working for you properly if you run figwheel locally?


What is the reason for the “white diamond” to keep “circulating” in the editor window and never stop? I seem to get that a lot, and the CPU usage seems to go up then (the fans are starting) as well. Am I doing something wrong, unintentionally?


@niclasnilsson I believe that's a bug, I'm experiencing that as well


normally, that'd indicate that the REPL hasn't answered yet


Ok, it most often happens when there is an exception, so it did answer in a way, but didn’t succeed.


Yep, seems to be one left after each exception in the REPL, and it stays around. This is close to a showstopper (have to restart Atom to quiet the fan). Am I the only one creating exceptions in the REPL often enough to find this to be a problem?


you don't have to restart


there's a proto-repl: interrupt command


Much better - enjoying the silence! Thanks @moxaj


somewhat relevant xkcd: