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@shaun-mahood If I run figwheel, then Github for Windows, and then want to e.g., discard my local changes to a .cljs file, then Github for windows shows an error message. I forgot exactly what it says. Then I shut down figwheel, try again, and it works. I've also had this when using git on the command line, for example trying to checkout another branch.


Maybe a problem with the way the files are watched on windows?


@isak: If the error message is useful at all that would be awesome - file closing seems to be one of the things Windows is a lot more picky about.


@shaun-mahood - i will report back tomorrow. I'll be able to reproduce it easily at work


hello. Is there a way to strip a <script src=”dev.js”></script> from index.html when the build is not dev?


@shaun-mahood: I wasn't able to reproduce it again today, but I did a search, and remember the error is like this: Unlink of file 'src/foo/bar.cljs' failed. Should I try again? (y/n)


@isak: Looks like a still open file is the likely culprit - first SO link seems like that's been a problem for other file watchers as well You could probably confirm next time it happens using


@shaun-mahood ill do that 👍