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Hi @rgdelato! There isn't a definitive guide right now for ClojureScript and Proto REPL. This is an area where others could contribute more in setup instructions or just reports of success. I don't do much cljs programming myself so I'm interested in seeing how it works out for you. It sounds like it's working for you so far.


Yes, That kind of guide would be terrific. I struggle with figuring out the best ClojureScript tools and protorepl configuration all of the time.


Here's a quick video of what I ended up doing, but again, I'm super-new to Clojure, so there might be a better way of connecting Proto REPL that I don't know about: (Edit: Apologies for the crummy audio.)


@rgdelato: There’s another way of starting figwheel right from the clojure REPL - it’s pretty easy but looks complicated in the wiki, and is recommended over using lein figwheel directly. It also lets you get a figwheel REPL up an running right from proto REPL (also, I only figured all of this out today after watching your video, so you’re pretty much responsible for that - thanks! ) 🙂 1) Start your project with lein new figwheel 2) Start up your REPL in Proto REPL and run the following commands 4) (use 'figwheel-sidecar.repl-api) 5) (start-figwheel!) 6) (cljs-repl) Done! Figwheel should be up and running direct from proto REPL.


@rgdelato: There are 2 things I’m just looking into before I’d say it’s ready to go - one is that when I close the REPL without shutting down figwheel it stays running on the same port - I’m looking into this right now to figure out how to close it nicely. The other is a display issue - the first few times I ran the (start-figwheel!) command, the background color for all the REPL text went red and didn’t change back. That may be an issue with just my config (today is my first day trying Atom and proto REPL so I don’t know what I’m doing), but it’s gone away now and I’m not sure why.