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I just released Proto REPL 1.4.0 with the changes from @carocad integrated to use the Atom Ink console.


@carocad: Thanks for the original code. I've made the Atom ink console the default.


the atom ink console looks great, but I can't seem to get previously entered stuff by pressing up?


@jgrimes: oh really? do you have a special keybinding for the keyup? it worked for me as I was developing it but I have to say that I have disabled all third-party keybindings so maybe my case is special


not that I'm aware of, the up key has two entries in the keymap, one is the native! one, and the other is bound to the core:move-up command, both provided by Core. Pressing up with the key binding resolver enable shows that it is executing the core:move-up command


jummm I guess we should check that out. Here is a link to ink's console use of up which seems correct: I will do some testing to see if I find something weird


I am on OSX, if that matters. I can also do a clean install later and try it out


@jgrimes, @jasongilman: it seems to be a bug. I can confirm that I'm having the same problem with proto-repl 1.4.0. The results-font on the console also got tiny, I don't know why 😕


I'll check out the up and down problem. @carocad, the font size is supposed to be the same size as you have your editor configured. It does look smaller though. One thing I noticed about the font was that changing the size after atom opened didn't update it. I'll see if I can fix that.