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@jasongilman: If you need some help with proto-repl just let me know. I will have some free time in the next days so I can work on it.


Oh one I thought of earlier and just now remembered was making stack traces clickable so that they could link to individual file line numbers


@jasongilman: sure I will take a look at them. I have already spoken a bit earlier with the ink team about the loading widget. I think they are changing their api so I will see how can we do that. Regarding the stacktraces, how do you want to do it? I mean, proto-repl is currently not really capturing the stacktrace but just the root cause, right?


I was thinking that every time text was printed it could run a fast check to see if it looked like a stack trace. If it did the it could run some kind of stack trace parser to extract the file information.


NREPL probably provides some way to detect if an exception was returned but I don't want to only print stack traces for those. Often times I'm working on a system with a web server. It will catch an exception and log to standard out which gets printed in Proto REPL.


I'd like to be able to make those clickable as well.