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hey @jasongilman, First of all congratulations for a wonderful piece of software that you have created 🙂 I am actively involved with Lighttable's development but I have been frustrated by its lack of documentation and clear goal. I would like to know if proto-repl is a hobby project, or a serious project that you are developing alone or maybe your company?


Thanks! It's a serious project. I've been working on it alone with small contributions from various users. I use it for my day job so I'm interested in seeing it continue. I do only work on it on the side so updates will probably be slower than something like cursive.


@jasongilman: That's great to hear. I have been thinking about contributing to it but to be honest I have never used Atom so it might take a while jeje. It seems way simpler than Lighttable code base though 😉


I'd definitely appreciate contributions. If you need guidance on anything let me know.


@jasongilman: quick question. Why are keybindings reported as ctrl-alt- .... is this a keyboard specific thing? What I mean is that Alt is a specific key in mine so I don't get why ctrl-alt-letter because I get the same results using only ctrl-letter :thinking_face:


I don't completely understand the question. They keybindings are all (mostly) ctrl + alt + , then some other key


If you're on a mac cmd + alt + <letter> work instead.


Keybindings are tricky. I went through multiple go arounds where they conflicted with various other things on different operating systems and other atom plugins. It's hard to find a single set of keybindings that works for everyone.


It walks you through using most of the keybindings.


@jasongilman: I understand that it can get messy with keybindings. I got a little confuse because both the proto-repl README and the REPL in Atom state that "ctrl+alt+, + key" and "ctrl+,+key" as valid. See README "Keyboard shortcuts below refer to using ctrl-alt-, then a letter. That means press the ctrl key and the comma key at the same time, release them, and then press the subsequent letter. Some keyboard shortcuts also include the shift key." See REPL ";; ctrl-alt-, then b - execute block. Finds the block of Clojure code your cursor is in and executes that. ;; Try it now. Put your cursor inside this block and press ctrl and comma together, ;; release, then press b" It is a small thing so no need to worry I just got a bit confuse. Hope it helps