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Hello, We (Akvo Foundation) are looking for two mid to senior level developers with Clojure or functional programming skills based in Bengaluru. Akvo is a rapidly-growing, entrepreneurial non-profit foundation with a big mission. Our tools are already positively disrupting the ways that development aid is allocated and reported in a sector that has been historically adverse to change. We're now helping to establish the identity and voice of a new generation of development professionals who work on the ground and are committed to being open about what works and what doesn't. Read more here: Interested? Then ping us at <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]> before the end of July.

jeffh-fp14:07:52 @juanjorenteria: "Rock Star" in a job description is pretty off-putting to a lot of people these days (and at best just a tired cliché). Surely you can use more thoughtful language for the candidate description.


jeffh-fp: south american culture may be different


colonialist :P


@juanjorenteria I am rock star developer, I get drunk, destroy things and show up to work late


Ok...i´ll do it again: Hi guys! In we're looking for a Full Stack Developer with experience in Clojure. Requirements: - Clojure - Experience as a web developer +2 years - Optional: Knowledge+exp. in React or Reagent, or another one page app framework - Interest in developing/creating new features for a product in regional expansion. About We're a Legal Marketplace that's changing the way that legal industry operates in Latin America. We're providing an OS that facilitates the whole process of getting legal help. During our almost 2 years of operations, we're working in Chile, Colombia & Mexico, and we're part of StartupChile, Chrysalis, Startup México & MountainNazca (ex-NazcaVentures) We're located in a lovely work space in Felix de Amesti 299. Near Escuela Militar Metro Station, Santiago, Chile. If you're interested, just write me to <mailto:[email protected]|[email protected]>, happy to meet you!