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Is there a easy way to select a conformer based on external input? E.g. for the web - conform strings to numbers only for query parameters, not for json params.


@alexmiller: I’m not familiar with the clojure bug process, that issue CLJ-1935 says the status is “Triaged” what does that mean exactly? Is there a way to tell if it will be addressed or slated for a release?


hi, what is the right way to enable spec checks globally for my project? I would like that by default everything got checked. I guess I can put something like that in project file:

:repl-options {:init (do (clojure.spec/instrument))}
and then everything should be checked when I’m in a REPL? Oh what’s the right way?


@pdlug: You can find the entire JIRA workflow here "How a Ticket Becomes a Commit": I found it very useful


@petterik: ah that’s very helpful. Thanks!

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:07:57

@pdlug in this case, it means “I think Rich should look at it” but he has not yet