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hi. how can I install proton?


ok, I realized that the apm command takes care of the "where", it wasn't obvious, never used atom before. I think it would be nice if people who never used atom would be considered as potential users of proton


@ashnur: it's as easy as opening the package manager and searching for "proton-mode" simple_smile


@thheller: It's hard to tell which packages are cljs based. Until recently I didn't even know there are some


@dvcrn: yeah, and then i tried eslint --init and took me quite a lot of time to figure out that i need to downgrade from eslint 2.5.1 to 2.2.0, some terrible old version, because atom's linter that is used by proton is lagging behind quite a lot


i have not checked why, i hope it's not that there isn't anyone working on it, i am not familiar with atom at all, all i know is that it's a github project


@ btw, i saw that you were thinking about names. I think that if this is about configuring the atom, then it certain has to be either Ion that gained lot of energy so it's polarized or Molecule, which is a configuration of many atoms


or maybe you can go plasma where the electrons float freely from the protons because of the high energy


also, there is only one center line plugin and it's abandoned