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@fommil I don't use flycheck with Clojure, but it's entirely possible. Have you tried turning it off?


As for the second JVM, yes, that's just the way that lein works. You'll get the same problem if you call lein repl on the command line. I think There are ways around it. I've heard of a package called trampoline.


Hey ciderists, I’m normally an inf-clojure user, but seeing that this reagent template came with a cider option, I figured it would be worth a try — has anyone used this? — is there any additional configuration i need to do to start a figwheel server/repl up using cider?


So, I change from rhino to figwheel as default repl?


also, for some reason cider-jack-in-clojurescript isn’t appearing in my M-x, might I have the wrong version?


I find everything works best if you always use the latest snapshot


@conaw that command has been around for a couple of stable releases.


And yes, if you'd like to use figwheel, change that variable to the figwheel command like instructed on the readme.


@malabarba: nice hint, thanks. I'm not sure how to use that to launch cider. In ENSIME we used to have a similar problem, and we rewrote the launcher so that our call to sbt (equivalent of lein) wrote out a classpath file which we used to launch (platform independently) directly from Emacs


@malabarba: I don't really want to turn the flycheck stuff off, I want to have red squiggly lines when I do something dumb. Although maybe all the linters are overkill and I should restrict to just the ones I want. Next time I'm doing some clojure hacking, I'll try without the linters and see if this is cider or the linters causing the problem.


@fommil yeah,when I suggested to turn it off, I just meant it as way to track down the cause. If you verify that flycheck is indeed the cause you can play around with its configurations to speed it up.


For instance, flycheck has an option to only run the linters when you save the file, instead of after a timer. You could also increase the timer delay.


But, like I said, it makes sense to verify that flycheck is the cause first. :-)


And no, I don't know how you can use trampoline from cider either. But it might be possible by customising