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Yeah I'm definitely interested in semantic highlighting as well. Now that I can eval in clojurescript I'm gonna try to do that with paren-soup. I think cider can highlight macros differently than functions which falls under this category iirc


@adamkowalski: that’s cool. I’d actually prefer that too. I like how some themes in intellij play with font-weight. It is used for defs and defns but that doesn’t make much sense since they’re nearly the only top level expressions you see. Something crazy would be cool where the font-weight is determined by the chain of functions defined in your project that a given execution goes through. A complexity hint.


I have a couple of issues open in my tracker, both around highlighting the background for the current scope and semantic highlighting.


Here’s a Sublime plugin that does something similar:


It makes my eyes bleed personally, but it’s an interesting idea.


One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is to highlight subtly differently the then/else clauses of if statements, to stop me accidentally using if instead of when or vice versa.


Here’s an example of Sublime highlighting the current sexp:


That would be more subtle if it were a different background colour rather than an outline.


I think this type of coloring could actually be useful: if you had the options to turn it on and off