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I still catch myself occasionally using vim. Since I'm now so used to proton, I decided to reimplement some basic keys in my vimrc. Check it out if you are interested simple_smile


And I moved some my vim bindings to proton 😄

["H" "vim-mode-plus:move-to-first-character-of-line"]
                ["L" "vim-mode-plus:move-to-last-character-of-line"]
                ["U" "vim-mode-plus:redo"]
                [", f" "fuzzy-finder:toggle-file-finder"]
                [", p" "clipboard-plus:toggle"]


Proton isn’t removing packages associated with layers that I disable


For example, if I activate lang/clojure it will install clojure related packages (Parifiner et al)


Then if I remove that layer from my config, nothing happens. All those packages are still installed


This didn’t used to be the case. Any ideas what’s going on?


@sglyon: I have same problem. I guess this affected by my last changes. I will take a look.


OK thanks, if you learn anything let me know!


sure, I think I've found solution. Need to check it and will send PR.


@dvcrn I end up using vim a lot too because most of my time is spent in the terminal and it's so quick. How do you get around the lack of macros in Atom? That's my biggest peeve.


@austincrft: what kind of macros are you using? I found most of the stuff I want to be there in atom anyway


I am using vim lately because of hardmode and hardtime. I want to get rid of the habit of using j j j j instead of 5j and these plugins force me into that simple_smile


I oft do q a [various vim commands] on a specific line, then select all the lines I want to apply it to, open up ex and do :'<,'>norm! @a


In general, I find macros to be super useful for refactoring and formatting. But I agree, the j j j j habit is a hard one to break. simple_smile