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Enumerate a set of discrete, small tasks. Do one every day.


@slester show it to someone! ask them what it needs. especially if it's a game.


I need to actually start a project


@slester: no rush, break it down to small steps. And again,a good product is never finished. Just find a milestone for it, make it work, make it fast, meet milestone, release and do it again 😄


I have a git question. I want to add a rule to .gitattributes to always keep 'theirs' on a merge on a certain file


But this works only when the file wasn't already added to the git repo. What is a workaround for this?


Any opinions on MySQL or Postgres from a Clojure(Script) perspective? Tooling/frameworks etc?


The libs are comparable from the clojure perspective, but if I was in a green field, I’d choose Postgres over MySQL in a heartbeat.


Stronger fundamentals, fewer WTFs


Datomic 4eva!


postgres without question


I'm trying to understand the licencing costs for datomic. What are they referring to when they talk about processes, peers and transactors?


@yogidevbear: Datomic is a multiple-read/single-write system. Each peer allows concurrent reading. Transactors are for writing. Multiple transactors do not allow concurrent writing, but provide failover.


thanks @cky Do you know off hand what the limitations are for using the free pro starter licence in a production env?


I don’t know off the top of my head, sorry.


@yogidevbear: I’m the Technical Account manager for Datomic customers at Cognitect. I’d be happy to discuss any questions. Also, the #C03RZMDSH room has numerous helpful folks, both Cognitects and community members. The short answer to your question is that you are free to use Starter for a production system. It doesn’t provide HA or memcached support and is limited to 3 total processes (i.e. 1 transactor and 2 peers).


@marshall: Thanks for the heads-up re #C03RZMDSH; I’ve joined now. 😄


Thanks @marshall So one write process and two concurrent read processes, is that correct?


@yogidevbear: Essentially, yes. Any given Datomic system can only have a single Transactor, and it is responsible for all the writes. This is how Datomic ensures isolation and consistency. A Datomic Peer is a JVM application that includes the Peer library. That application can read from the DB without interacting with the transactor. It submits transactions (writes) to the transactor, which then processes them. The Starter license will allow one Transactor with 2 concurrent peer connections.


@borkdude: Re: git Do you have to keep the history of the certain file? could you filter-branch it out and force everyone to rebase? It's a nuclear option